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Here are some of my works with Conversion Rate Optimisation and Growth Hacking. This will give you a global idea of what I am capable of.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

CRO Management

Optimum Decennale : +1076% of leads

In order to reduce the prospect acquisition cost due to Adwords campaigns, Optimum Decennale called me to build optimised landing pages. So I designed them to capture qualified leads. By “lead”, I mean here targeted people who requested an insurance quote for their business.

The company targets several different types of customers which led me to build different landing pages, one for each target: Consultants, Tradesmen, small companies, medium-sized companies…

As a starting point, I created a template that I used for all landing pages. My focus were on 2 things:
– Copywriting to make the offer more attractive and clearer
– The UX aspects of the process (less form fields, better page structure, highlight the strength of the company, etc.)

Before my work, they were using the Home page for all ads. The average conversion rate were 5.2%.

I worked in partnership with Laurent Petr, their Adwords specialist. I gave him some specific recommendations related to the ads copywriting, and configured each ads to point to the right appropriate landing page (the ones that I built).

As a result, the new average conversion rate is 56% which means their qualified leads grown up by more than 10 times !

Here is one of these landing page:

You can compare to the website home page:

Forbes France : Magazine subscription process is the French equivalent of, launched in 2016 by the talented CEO Dominique Busso who is one of my acquaintance.

He contacted me in november 2017 to work on his new magazine subscription process on ligne. At first, there were only a simple email form with a button and a picture, pointing to a payment form that is not really optimised for conversion.

I identified several weak points on that system : Too long payment form, payment form unsecured (changing the price can be done easily by anyone), an offer not clear enough (no information on the magazine content), and a bug in the email form. At that point, the email form has only 3 to 4 clic per day for an average of 100 visitors per day on the page.

So I worked on a bunch of templates and a recommendation document.

For some internal reasons, the tech guys have not implemented all my recommendations yet. They have set up a part of it though, as you can see on these links:

– Presentation of the offer (a bit different from my mockup) :
– Promotional Box at the bottom of posts:

I currently don’t know the result in terms of numbers because they didn’t send me any numbers yet. However I noticed they keep updating the page content for each new magazine, so I guess it works better than before, otherwise they would have changed it back to the previous system.

Below, you can see the templates I made.

Product pages (+10% to +300% conversion increase)

I am regularly requested to work on product pages or service offers. Mostly for e-commerce or consulting websites.

My results varies according to the target market, the initial position of the company, etc. But in order to give you an idea, the increase usually goes from +10% to +300%.

I work on different aspects : Copywriting, UX, Visuals, Marketing strategy…

Here are a fews examples of pages I’ve worked on recently.

Growth Hacking and Business development

NetmediaEurope – +5000 page views per day with a Q&A platform

I worked for a year at NetMediaEurope. It’s a “Digital Publisher” that edit about 25 websites divided into 6 languages.

My mission consisted in traffic generation. The Business model of the company relies on ad display and leads sales.

After a few SEO optimisations, I gave some recommendations to the journalists, so they could write more viral posts such as infographics, rankings, top lists, etc.

Then I worked on other traffic levers like Partnerships, social media, Marketing automation, and a user-generated Q&A platform to increase pages views, social shares and retention.

I also set up some specific display rules to customise the content according to visitors actions. I mainly worked on these websites :

  • (qui s’appelle aujourd’hui ubergizmo)
  • I also guided and drove local teams of portuguese, spanish and italian versions of these websites.
  • I also worked for some of their clients, such as IBM.

Marketing Automation WordPress Plugins

WP Custom Display

In 2015, I designed a wordpress plugin for marketing automation purposes. However I focused on the marketing automation aspects that did not have any easy technical solution on WordPress. Emails were already covered by many tools like Drip, Infusionsoft etc. So I focused more on content display rules.

A good example of what the plugin allow you to do is the replacement of a newsletter form by a product offer or a related post suggestion when you already subscribed to that form.

Another example is that you can display different content based on where the visitor comes from (facebook, search, emailing, affiliates…).

Here is a demo video. The sound is in French, but you can activate the subtitles and automatic translation if you want to understand what I’m talking in the video.

The Plugin is available here:

WP Custom Block

This wordpress plugin is another solution designed specifically for bloggers.

It allows you to display a content (banner ad, product offer, simple text…) on several posts or pages based on categories and tags.

For example, you can display an offer for a camera on all posts that belongs to the category “photography” and the tags “nikon, canon, fujitsu”, and a simple newsletter form on other posts.

Here is a demo video. The sound is in French, but you can activate the subtitles and automatic translation if you want to understand what I’m talking in the video.

The plugin is available here:

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